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Monday, 12 September 2011 00:00

What's next?

Written by  Administrator
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Ok, so, what's next?

Well, the problem right now is, I don't have a road map per se...more a list of future improvements and new features to add.

Here's my list as it stands today:

Note: These are in no particular order. I have no idea, at the moment, of which items will be completed - or even started on - first.



1. 64 bit support. Ok, so this one I've actually started on already. In fact, I'm looking for Alpha testers for this and a few other changes I'm making. If you're interested, see the forum post on Looking for Alpha Testers.

2. Add control of automatic cross-fader settings. These are currently set to fade out the last 5 seconds of the currently playing title and fade in the next over the same timeframe. (Work has also begun on this in the first 1.1 Alpha)

3. Player controls (play/pause, stop, eject, next). I'm not entirely happy with them as they are. Some kind of effect on mouseover seems to be missing.

4. Video. NSV for video streaming support for those who wish to use it. Don't hold your breath...this one will likely take a while....a long while. Suggestions for other forms of video support can be made in the Forum.

5. Title Update Rotation. This seems to be working so far in 1.1 Alpha.

6. Documentation/Video Tutorials. I've actually mentioned this a few times before. I just haven't had enough quiet time to make any. The tutorials will be in English, but my son has already volunteered to make German versions of the videos for me.

7. Themable. This is another one that is going to take a while before I get around to it.

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  • Comment Link C. Hallay Thursday, 15 November 2012 10:16 posted by C. Hallay

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    First of all, kudos to the Luna Caster am really enthusiastic by the brilliant program.
    Would have to ask the question, it is possible the Lunar artist and title with Transfers?
    Would be very pleased to answer positieve

    Funradio 24

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