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LunarCaster DJ Update 31 January 2012

So, this is taking a bit longer than expected to get done. But, hopefully, everyone will be happy with the results. A LOT of work has gone into drag-drop functionality.

I'm not going to give a date anymore on when it will be released (too many things going on that can prevent me from finishing on time if I set a deadline). I will say that it should be soon.

This next release is intended to be the last Beta version. Version 1.2 is planned as the first Stable release, and will no longer require registration to download. I have only kept the registration requirement in place during the Beta phase in the hopes I would get more feedback on possible bugs.

Along with the release of v1.2 I will also be launching an upgraded website where only registered users will be able to access future Beta versions. Stable versions will be freely available to download with or without registration. ;)

I will only be working on bug fixes after version 1.1 is released in preparation for 1.2. No additional feature requests will be accepted (unless I consider them to be necessary) until after 1.2 is released.

I plan to edit this post soon to include a roadmap for future releases which will include things like video support via NSV as well as localizations (language files) and skins/themes.


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