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Update 2 August 2012

Howdy folks,

So, things have been moving rather slowly lately. In part due to my school work and in part due to the level of changes I am working on for the next release.

I have already implemented a waveform display and fixed a few minor bugs. But, what is taking the most time is switching database implementations in an attempt to make LCDJ cross-platform (windows/linux via Mono).

I will update this blog as soon as I have made more progress.




0 #2 Rainer 2013-01-02 19:16
Hallo Paul Klappt alles bis auf die Listner werden keine Hörer angezeigt
Gruß Rainer
0 #1 Jose Landa 2012-12-30 13:05
Howdy Paul,

I downloaded your program and it is extraordinary! but the program does not run well in Wndows 7, load the track but then not run again, I hope you solve the problems you have, ahh, I forgot to tell you that the encoders do not work well, good friend hope program modifications for use! a hug and greetings from Spain! ;-)
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